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COVID-19 (Coronavirus): ADB's Response

ADB is supporting its developing members in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak through finance, knowledge, and partnerships.

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ADB Announces $9 Billion COVID-19 Vaccine Initiative for Developing Asia

ADB's $9 billion vaccine initiative, the Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility, or APVAX, will provide a comprehensive program to support developing Asia’s vaccine process. Read the news release


Asian Development Outlook Update: Paths diverge as Developing Asia moves toward recovery

Economic activity in Developing Asia is forecast to contract by 0.4% this year, and then expand by up to 6.8% in 2021.


ADB Insight: Reopening Tourism

In Episode 2 of ADB Insight, we look at the impact COVID-19 has had on tourism in Asia and the Pacific and what needs to happen for the industry to welcome travelers and holidaymakers back. Watch now


Online Platforms to Catalyze Economic Growth

Online platforms were a lifeline for many during the pandemic, crowding in small business and generating much needed jobs. Can these platforms help drive inclusive growth as the COVID-19 threat abates?

ADB's Response

News Releases on COVID-19 Financial Assistance to ADB Members

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Publications and Documents

22 Jan 2021 | Guides

COVID-19 and Education in Asia and the Pacific: Guidance Note

This guidance note underscores the potential of education technology (EdTech) solutions in transforming learning, teaching, and training systems, especially during and after the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

20 Jan 2021 | Reports

Reaping the Benefits of Industry 4.0 through Skills Development in Indonesia

This report explores the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) on the job market in Indonesia, where digital technologies are shaping the future of the food and beverage and automotive manufacturing industries.

19 Jan 2021 | Country Planning Documents

Pacific Energy Update 2020

This document provides an overview of ADB’s ongoing and completed initiatives in the Pacific energy sector as of 2020, including work to scale up operations and finance new sources of renewable power.

18 Jan 2021 | Papers and Briefs

Building Systemic Resilience in School Systems: The Way Forward

This policy brief proposes reforms in primary and secondary education as developing Asia copes with the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It explores blended learning modalities that can be applied beyond the pandemic.