Financing Partnerships

ADB and its financing partners pool financial resources, share the risks involved, and combine knowledge and technical expertise in planning and implementing development programs or projects.

In the Spotlight

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    Addressing Remaining Poverty and Reducing Inequalities

    ADB and its partners ensure that developing member countries are resilient through projects that provide quality education, better health, and inclusive and adaptive social protection.

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    Big Social Protection Reforms to Drive Resilience

    ADB, the Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency are helping Bangladesh boost resilience by implementing reforms to the country’s social protection system.

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    Supporting Women's Businesses Past COVID-19

    The Bank of Georgia is providing critically needed financing to small businesses, particularly women-owned enterprises affected by the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic fallout.

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    Managing Director General WooChong Um's Message on ADB’s Financing Partnerships in 2022

    The Partnership Report 2022: Driving Growth, Boosting Resilience features the joint work of ADB and its partners to strengthen resilience and enhance inclusive, sustainable development in the region. The report shares data, insights, and stories on projects, financing partners, and trust funds.

Financing Partnerships at a Glance

ADB’s support for its developing member countries (DMCs) in 2022 focused on these broad areas: tackling crosscutting and global challenges such as climate change and food insecurity; enhancing economy-wide resilience and strengthening the enabling environment for recovery and growth; and rapidly responding to crises in several DMCs. ADB’s long-term partnerships played a major role in mobilizing financial resources and specialist knowledge for these interventions.

Commitments from ADB’s resources—loans, grants, guarantees, technical assistance (TA), and equity investments—totaled $20.5 billion for 141 projects, 285 TA operations, and over 10,000 transactions under private sector programs. ADB mobilized $11.4 billion from its financing partners, supporting 75 projects, 87 TAs, 3 transaction advisory services, and over 10,000 transactions under private sector programs.

2022 Commitments

Financing Partnerships 2022 Commitments

Sovereign Cofinancing

Sovereign Cofinancing

Mobilizes grants and loans from financing partnerships and public sector lending windows for ADB-supported projects and grants for ADB’s technical assistance operations.

Nonsovereign Cofinancing

Nonsovereign Cofinancing

Supports ADB’s developmental objectives by facilitating investment, trade, and capital flows into developing member countries.