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News Release | 12 Apr 2022

Solar-Powered Radios, Tablets, Wi-Fi Sets to Enable Distance Learning in Remote Schools in Philippines

ADB today turned over to the Philippines the last batch of tablets, solar-powered transistor radios, and other IT equipment as part of its support for distance learning among secondary school students from poor and disadvantaged families.

Project Result / Case Study | 01 Apr 2022

Securing a Sustainable Water Resource for Dhaka

Bangladesh embraces the world’s largest river delta but is in dire need of drinkable water.

News Release | 07 Apr 2022

ADB, LDC Sign $100 Million Loan to Support Smallholder Farmer Livelihoods and Climate Resilience

ADB and LDC, signed a loan of up to $100 million to help smallholder farmers recover from the economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and improve their resilience to climate change impacts.

Video | 09 Jul 2021

ADB Partnership Report 2020: Responsive Partners, Resilient Communities

The annual Partnership Report highlights the work and achievements of ADB’s financing partnerships in 2020 in both sovereign and nonsovereign operations, especially in responding to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financing Partnerships at a Glance

Cofinancing by the Numbers

Financing partners contributed $16.4 billion in cofinancing for sovereign and nonsovereign operations in 2020, of which $11.1 billion was generated from sovereign operations, and with nonsovereign cofinancing amounting to $5.3 billion.

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