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Financing Partnerships

Building strong partnerships with diverse institutions.

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Project Result / Case Study

A newly completed bus rapid transit system is transforming lives of people in Peshawar, Pakistan

A bus rapid transit system in Pakistan established with financing by ADB and Agence Française de Développement is improving lives in Peshawar, Pakistan.


Supporting the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development

Two investment projects that can revitalize the Yangtze River Economic Belt emerged from a technical assistance facility funded by ADB and the Multidonor Trust Fund under the Water Financing Partnership Facility.


ADB Partnership Report 2019 Overview

With $11.86 billion in cofinancing in 2019, ADB and its financing partners worked on delivering development results together to improve the lives of millions of people in the Asia Pacific.

Institutional Document

The COVID-19 Pandemic Reinforces the Need for Stronger and More Strategic Partnerships

The new 2019 ADB Partnership Report highlights examples of ADB financing partnerships in Asia and the Pacific. View report

Financing Partnerships at a Glance

Sovereign Cofinancing

Flowing mainly from financing partnerships and public sector lending windows, sovereign cofinancing mobilize grants and loans for ADB-supported projects and grants for ADB’s technical assistance operations.

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Nonsovereign Cofinancing

Nonsovereign cofinancing supports ADB’s developmental objectives by facilitating investment, trade, and capital flows into DMCs.

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