Funds and Resources

ADB offers loans, grants, and technical assistance from Special Funds, Trust Funds, and other sources to help reduce poverty in Asia’s poorest countries.

Asian Development Bank Institute Special Fund

What is the fund?

The ADB Institute (ADBI) was established in 1996 as a subsidiary body of ADB. A key Asian think tank, ADBI identifies effective development strategies and provides support to member countries in managing development. The ADBI Fund meets the operating costs of ADBI and is administered by ADB in accordance with the statute of ADBI.

What are the priorities?

The special fund shall be used to finance the operations of the Institute. Goods and services, and the services of experts, shall be procured or engaged by the institute only from member countries of ADB in accordance with procedures and practices consistent with the charter.

What kind of activities are eligible for the fund?

ADBI’s main role is to help build capacity, skills, and knowledge related to poverty reduction and other areas that support long-term growth and competitiveness in developing economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Institute’s work covers applied research and policy seminars to disseminate thinking about best practices, a range of capacity building and training initiatives.

Who supports the fund?

ADBI is currently funded by Australia, the People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.