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Asian Development Fund (ADF)

ADF provides grants to ADB's lower-income developing member countries. Established in 1974, the ADF initially provided loans on concessional terms. Activities supported by the ADF promote poverty reduction and improvements in the quality of life in the poorer countries of the Asia and Pacific region.

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Project Result / Case Study | 10 Feb 2020

Emergency Assistance in Bangladesh

The influx of more than 700,000 people from Myanmar’s Rakhine State into Cox’s Bazar District in neighboring Bangladesh in August 2017 created a humanitarian crisis. Joining concerted international efforts, ADB quickly mobilized ADF grant funding of $100 million to help ensure this emergency situation did not escalate further.

Project Result / Case Study | 30 Oct 2019

How the ADF Base Allocation Increase is Already Transforming the Pacific

From clean power to port infrastructure, the Asian Development Fund is transforming the Pacific.

Project Result / Case Study | 25 Nov 2019

Breaking Through the Blue-Collar Gender Barrier in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

The Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project took on some of the obstacles to creating a place for women in the so-called blue-collar occupations.

Project Result / Case Study | 14 Nov 2019

Climate Change and Disasters: Protecting Townships in Bhutan

A major focus of the Phuentsholing Township Development Project is to provide a safer space in which the town can grow by helping develop a new urban center with raised ground levels in an area sheltered by the embankments.