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Asian Development Fund (ADF)

ADF provides grants to ADB's lower-income developing member countries. Established in 1974, the ADF initially provided loans on concessional terms. Activities supported by the ADF promote poverty reduction and improvements in the quality of life in the poorer countries of the Asia and Pacific region.

ADF: Replenishments

ADF resources were first mobilized to conduct ADB's concessional lending operations in 1973–1975. Initial contributions to ADF were designated as ADF I. Since then, donors met periodically to plan ADF replenishments. Starting with ADF VIII, a midterm review meeting is also held during each replenishment period to monitor progress and keep donors fully informed about all aspects of ADF operations. In addition, starting with ADF X, an annual consultation with donors is also conducted to monitor progress of the fund's utilization and implementation during the replenishment period.

ADF resources have been replenished eleven times, the latest being ADF 12 for the period 2017–2020.

ADF Reports