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Asian Development Fund (ADF)

ADF provides grants to ADB's lower-income developing member countries. Established in 1974, the ADF initially provided loans on concessional terms. Activities supported by the ADF promote poverty reduction and improvements in the quality of life in the poorer countries of the Asia and Pacific region.

Asian Development Fund 13

Public Consultation on the Draft ADF 13 Donors' Report

The ADF 13 replenishment negotiations are ongoing to determine directions and size of ADF grant operations during 2021-2024. ADF donors, selected ADF recipient countries, and ADB management have been discussing the issues and priorities for ADF 13 since November 2019. The initial draft ADF 13 Donors’ Report reflects the discussions to date. ADB invites the public to comment on the draft report. Your comments will be taken into account in the finalization of the report.

Downloard the Draft ADF 13 Donors' Report.

We would appreciate receiving your comments by 19 June 2020. We look forward to hearing from you. Send your comments and suggestions. You may also send inquiries by e-mail to [email protected]

ADF 13 Replenishment Meetings

ADB has completed the first and second replenishment meetings with ADF donors and representatives of recipient DMCs at ADB headquarters. The meetings were chaired by Mr. Mike Callaghan, former international executive director of the Australian Treasury. The discussions focused on the strategic directions and proposed framework for the ADF, and plans for future meeting.

Second Meeting, Manila, 11-12 February 2020
First Meeting, Manila, 5-7 November 2019