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ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF)

The ACGF is an ASEAN Infrastructure Fund initiative supporting governments in Southeast Asia to prepare and finance infrastructure projects that promote environmental sustainability and contribute to climate change goals.

In the Spotlight

Article | 04 Nov 2021

Q&A: Anouj Mehta on the ASEAN Green Recovery Platform

The ASEAN Green Recovery Platform will use revolving funds to catalyze financing for a pipeline of green infrastructure projects.

Article | 22 Mar 2021

The ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF): 12 Things to Know

The ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility provides funds to boost sustainable economic recovery in Southeast Asia.

Video | 02 Jul 2021

Accelerating Sustainable Development after COVID-19: The Role of SDG Bonds

Southeast Asia needs $210 billion per year to invest in climate resilient infrastructure. Public finance alone is not enough, and SDG bonds play a crucial role in raising private funding. Read more in the ACGF’s latest publication.

Institutional Document | 14 Jan 2021

ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility 2019–2020: Accelerating Green Finance in Southeast Asia

This document presents progress made and early achievements as of December 2020 from the pilot phase of the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF) (2019-2021).

Innovative Finance Lab

The Innovative Finance Lab—a joint ADB and Infrastructure Asia initiative—is one of the ACGF's capacity building platform. The Lab comprises a week-long series of events held twice a year. It includes conferences on the latest green financing trends, training programs for ASEAN government officials, and workshops to identify and prepare ACGF projects.

ACGF Project Process

1. Origination

Potential projects for early-stage project preparation support identified from ACGF country roundtable events and consultations with ADB operations teams and ACGF partners.

2. Rapid assessment

Technical support provided for initial project preparation, including financial structuring and an assessment of potential green impacts.

3. Screening and funding interest

Projects screened against ACGF eligibility criteria, and a draft project information memorandum produced. Financing interest sought from ACGF cofinancing partners.

4. AIF Board review

A full project information memorandum (including a financing plan) finalized and submitted to the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund Board for review and approval.

5. Project preparation and loan approval

Due diligence conducted and the project prepared for ADB and ACGF cofinancing partner loan approvals.


02 Nov 2021 | News Release

Partners Pledge $665 Million to Support Green Recovery in ASEAN

Four partners have collectively pledged $665 million toward a platform managed by the Asian Development Bank that aims to mobilize an additional $7 billion for low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia...

02 Jul 2021 | News Release

ADB Proposes SDG Accelerator Bonds for Green Infrastructure Projects in Southeast Asia

The Asian Development Bank has launched a new report aimed at helping developing countries tap into global capital markets to support a green, resilient, and inclusive recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic...

04 May 2021 | News Release

Republic of Korea Earmarks $700 Million for Climate and ICT Projects through Cofinancing with ADB

The Asian Development Bank and the Republic of Korea today signed a memorandum of understanding earmarking $700 million in cofinancing from the Republic of Korea for ADB sovereign development projects over the next 3 years.

22 Mar 2021 | News Release

$300 Million from Green Climate Fund to Support ADB’s First Green Recovery Program in Southeast Asia

The Green Climate Fund has allocated $300 million to support the Asian Development Bank's efforts to help Southeast Asia shape a climate-resilient, environmentally sustainable economic recovery from the (COVID-19) pandemic.


AIF Administrator

Alfredo Perdiguero
Southeast Asia Regional Department (SERD)
Asian Development Bank

ACGF Unit Head

Anouj Mehta
Principal Infrastructure Specialist
Southeast Asia Regional Department (SERD)
Asian Development Bank

ACGF Enquiries

  Tel +632 8632 6452