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ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF)

The ACGF is an ASEAN Infrastructure Fund initiative supporting governments in Southeast Asia to prepare and finance infrastructure projects that promote environmental sustainability and contribute to climate change goals.


4 November 2021 | Article

Q&A: Anouj Mehta on the ASEAN Green Recovery Platform

The ASEAN Green Recovery Platform will use revolving funds to catalyze financing for a pipeline of green infrastructure projects.

2 November 2021 | News Release

Partners Pledge $665 Million to Support Green Recovery in ASEAN

Four partners have collectively pledged $665 million toward a platform managed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that aims to mobilize an additional $7 billion for low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia and accelerate the region’s recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

2 July 2021 | News Release

ADB Proposes SDG Accelerator Bonds for Green Infrastructure Projects in Southeast Asia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has launched a new report aimed at helping developing countries tap into global capital markets to support a green, resilient, and inclusive recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2 July 2021 | Article

Q&A: Funding Green Recovery in Southeast Asia

ADB supports a green, resilient, and inclusive recovery in the region, incorporating climate and environmental sustainability, with support from the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility.

4 May 2021 | News Release

Republic of Korea Earmarks $700 Million for Climate and ICT Projects through Cofinancing with ADB

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Republic of Korea today signed a memorandum of understanding earmarking $700 million in cofinancing from the Republic of Korea for ADB sovereign development projects over the next 3 years.

22 March 2021 | Article

The ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF): 12 Things to Know

The ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility provides funds to boost sustainable economic recovery in Southeast Asia.

22 March 2021 | News Release

$300 Million from Green Climate Fund to Support ADB’s First Green Recovery Program in Southeast Asia

The Green Climate Fund has allocated $300 million to support the Asian Development Bank's efforts to help Southeast Asia shape a climate-resilient, environmentally sustainable economic recovery from the (COVID-19) pandemic.

14 December 2020 | News Release

$123 Million ADB Loan to Help Build Elevated Walkways in Manila

ADB has approved a $123 million loan to help the Philippines build safe, wide, well-lit, and disaster-resilient elevated walkways for pedestrians along Manila’s most congested thoroughfare, the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA).

27 November 2020 | News Release

$70 Million ADB Loan to Strengthen Agricultural Value Chain, Food Safety in Cambodia

ADB has approved a $70 million loan to improve the capacity of agribusinesses in six provinces across Cambodia to process key agricultural products such as cassava, cashews, mangoes, vegetables, and native chickens.

7 October 2020 | News Release

Green Finance Recovery Mechanisms Needed to Meet Infrastructure Financing Gap in Southeast Asia — ADB

A new book by ADB urges policy makers in Southeast Asia to use green and innovative financing approaches to help catalyze the estimated $3.1 trillion investments required for climate-adjusted infrastructure in the region by 2030. These investments from both public and private sources would be critical to the region’s economic recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

24 September 2020 | News Release

ADB Supports Thailand’s Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds for COVID-19 Recovery

ADB is assisting the Government of Thailand in designing, issuing, and monitoring innovative capital market initiatives as part of the country’s recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in a manner aligned with the 2015 Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

10 Feb 2020 | News Release

ADB, European Union, and ASEAN Countries Partner to Boost Green Infrastructure

The European Union announced today it is preparing to support the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ Catalytic Green Finance Facility with €50 million ($54.9 million) to help governments prepare and catalyze public and private financing for climate-friendly infrastructure projects across Southeast Asia.

4 Nov 2019 | News Release

ADB, WEF to Support ASEAN Hub for Sustainable Development Investment Partnership

ADB and the World Economic Forum signed an agreement to accelerate the flow of public and private finance into sustainable infrastructure in Southeast Asia through an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) hub for the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership.

2 Oct 2019 | News Release

ADB, Infrastructure Asia Sign Agreement to Promote Innovative and Green Finance for Sustainable Infrastructure in Southeast Asia

ADB and Singapore’s Infrastructure Asia today signed a cooperation agreement to help governments in Southeast Asia adopt innovative and green finance approaches to identify and develop bankable and sustainable infrastructure projects in the region, where the annual infrastructure investment needs total $210 billion until 2030.

17 May 2019 | News Release

ADB President Meets Prime Minister of Malaysia, Reaffirms Support

ADB President Takehiko Nakao met Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad today during a 2-day visit to Malaysia. They previously met in Kuala Lumpur in March 2013, shortly before Mr. Nakao took office at ADB.

4 May 2019 | News Release

Republic of Korea Pledges $355 Million to Support ASEAN Green Infrastructure and Ocean Health

ADB President Mr. Takehiko Nakao and the Republic of Korea Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Nam-ki Hong today signed a Declaration of Intent to support green infrastructure in Southeast Asia.

6 Apr 2019 | News Release

ADB President Affirms Support for Infrastructure Investment, Financial Inclusion at ASEAN Meeting

ADB President Takehiko discussed ADB's economic outlook for ASEAN, the role ADB can play in helping the region invest in infrastructure, and how countries can harness the use of financial technology (fintech) to promote financial inclusion.

4 Apr 2019 | News Release

New Facility to Mobilize $1 Billion for ASEAN Green Infrastructure

Southeast Asian governments, ADB, and major development financiers today launched the "ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility", a new initiative to spur more than $1 billion in green infrastructure investments across Southeast Asia.