Community Resilience Financing Partnership Facility (CRFPF)

The CRFPF is an initiative to support countries in Asia and the Pacific region to scale up community-level investments in climate adaptation, explicitly seeking to build the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to the negative impacts of climate change.

In the Spotlight



Scaling Up Local Adaptation Measures through Climate-Responsive Decentralization Processes

This publication explores how climate change adaptation can be integrated into decentralized governance processes to address root causes of vulnerability in Asia and the Pacific.

 Technical Note


Supporting Transformational Adaptation through the Community Resilience Partnership Program: Technical Note

This technical note explains why ADB established the Community Resilience Partnership Program (CRPP) to scale up adaptation and reduce the growing impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations throughout the Asia and Pacific region.

 Implementation Guidelines

Institutional Document

Community Resilience Partnership Program Trust Fund: Implementation Guidelines

This document serves as the implementation guidelines of the Community Resilience Partnership Program Trust Fund (CRPPTF).

 Arghya Sinha Roy on the Community Resilience Partnership Program


Q&A: Arghya Sinha Roy on the Community Resilience Partnership Program

In this Q&A, ADB Principal Climate Change Specialist Arghya Sinha Roy outlines the key priorities of the CRPP and how it can play a critical role in scaling up climate actions at the local level in Asia and the Pacific region.

Why Asia and the Pacific Needs the CRFPF

Asia and the Pacific needs to scale up investments in climate adaptation at the community level.

  • The climate and poverty nexus requires explicit attention.
  • Targeted support is needed for women and girls to build resilience to climate change.
  • COVID-19 has highlighted underlying vulnerabilities.
  • A large gap remains in climate finance that responds to local needs.

Addressing these challenges will require scaling up adaptation investments that are locally led, yet delivered at scale, and build resilience by addressing underlying drivers of vulnerability.

How will the CRFPF provide support?

Established in August 2021, the CRFPF provides technical assistance and grant support to ADB's developing member countries in scaling up climate adaptation investments that explicitly address the nexus between climate, gender and poverty. The CRFPF is designed for implementation over a 10-year period, providing a long-term commitment for building resilience.

Knowledge and Support

Knowledge and Support

  • Applied research studies on the poverty and climate nexus
  • Policy dialogues to strengthen the enabling environment on community-led adaptation
  • Capacity building of national and local institutions, and community-based organizations to access climate finance
  • Strengthening partnerships between local governments and grassroots women's organizations to implement community-led adaptation measures
Project Preparation

Project Preparation

  • Project preparation for pro-poor investments that promote community-led adaptation
  • Capacity building of national and local institutions to identify, develop and implement community-led adaptation measures as part of poverty reduction investments


  • Pilots as part of ADB financed investment projects to demonstrate innovative approaches and/or solutions for implementing community-led adaptation measures
  • Small grants to grassroots women’s organizations to test innovative ideas on building local resilience


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