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Community Resilience Financing Partnership Facility (CRFPF)

The CRFPF is an initiative to support countries in Asia and the Pacific region to scale up investments in climate adaptation at the community level that explicitly seek to build the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to the negative impacts of climate change.

Gender Window

The CRPPTF includes a dedicated gender window with funds earmarked specifically for supporting women-focused investments.

gender window

Focusing on women means prioritizing investment projects where the primary stakeholders are women throughout the project cycle, from planning, design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

The gender window will:

  1. Support the development and scaling up of community-level climate adaptation solutions where the primary stakeholder are women; and
  2. provide grant financing for the implementation of such solutions.

Outside of the “gender window” all other activities will also integrate gender and include gender specific designs.


CRFPF Focals

Arghya SINHA ROY (Mr)Principal Climate Change SpecialistSustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC)
Sugar GONZALES (Ms)Climate Change Officer (Adaptation)Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC)

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