Community Resilience Financing Partnership Facility (CRFPF)

The CRFPF is an initiative to support countries in Asia and the Pacific region to scale up community-level investments in climate adaptation, explicitly seeking to build the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to the negative impacts of climate change.

CRFPF Overview

Asia and the Pacific region needs to scale up investments in climate adaptation at the community level.

Climate and poverty nexus. Poor and vulnerable communities are disproportionately affected by climate shocks and stresses, thereby requiring explicit investments that build resilience of the poor.

Targeted support for women and girls. Women and girls are impacted differently compared to men and boys due to pre-existing gender inequalities, and thus require targeted support that promotes their empowerment in climate resilience actions.

The COVID-19 pandemic and underlying vulnerabilities. The COVID-19 crisis has reinforced inequalities, with a disproportionate impact on the poor, thereby highlighting the need for having resilience-building at the center of the COVID-19 recovery.

Climate finance for poor communities. Implementing climate adaptation measures at the local level requires financial resources that is patient and long-term and directly respond to local needs, yet limited climate adaptation finance is currently reaching the local level.

Addressing the above challenges will require scaling up adaptation investments that are locally led, yet delivered at scale, and build resilience by addressing underlying drivers of vulnerability.


Key Priorities

The CRFPF aims to strengthen the resilience of poor and vulnerable people in ADB's participating developing member countries (DMCs) to the impacts of climate change, with the following objectives:

  • Mobilizing large-scale public investments

    Mobilizing large-scale public investments in poverty reduction that support community-led adaptation.

  • Developing national and local policies, plans, and programs

    Developing national and local policies, plans, and programs that promote financing for community-led adaptation.

  • Increasing the meaningful participation of poor women and men

    Increasing the meaningful participation of poor women and men in resilience-related decision-making.

Examples of large-scale public investments that will be mobilized to support community-led adaptation:

  • Adaptive social protection programs
  • Technical and vocational education and training for climate- resilient skills development
  • Strengthening early warning signals for public health systems in a changing climate
  • Strengthening climate services for women farmers
  • Diversification of rural livelihoods for resilience
  • Resilient community-driven development projects
  • Climate-resilient agribusiness
  • Community-based forest management and adaptation
  • Ecosystem-based adaptation in urban informal settlements
  • Climate-resilient housing microfinance
  • Disaster microfinance for women
  • Climate risk-informed decentralization


How will the CRFPF provide support?

Established in August 2021, the CRFPF provides technical assistance and grant support to ADB's DMCs in scaling up climate adaptation investments that explicitly address the nexus of climate, gender and poverty. The CRFPF is designed for implementation over a 10-year period, providing a long-term commitment for building resilience.

Knowledge and Support

Knowledge and Support

  • Applied research studies on the poverty and climate nexus
  • Policy dialogues to strengthen the enabling environment on community-led adaptation
  • Capacity building of national and local institutions, and community-based organizations to access climate finance
  • Strengthening partnerships between local governments and grassroots women's organizations to implement community-led adaptation measures
Project Preparation

Project Preparation

  • Project preparation for pro-poor investments that promote community-led adaptation
  • Capacity building of national and local institutions to identify, develop and implement community-led adaptation measures as part of poverty reduction investments


  • Pilots as part of ADB financed investment projects to demonstrate innovative approaches and/or solutions for implementing community-led adaptation measures
  • Small grants to grassroots women’s organizations to test innovative ideas on building local resilience


CRFPF Partners

A partnership-based approach drives the implementation of the CRFPF and aims to unlock climate adaptation finance and knowledge to respond to the needs of poor and vulnerable communities. Working closely with a wide set of stakeholders—national and local governments, local civil society organizations, policy research organizations, think tanks and academia, the private sector, and national and international financial institutions—will be critical to ensuring that resilience solutions have local political traction, are just, and inspire further actions in the region and globally.

Non-Financing Partners

Partner Expertise
International Institute for Environment and Development action research and knowledge management
Huairou Commission community capacity building and knowledge management

Financing Partners

Partner Cofinancing Commitment
Agence Française de Développement EUR 2.0 million
Green Climate Fund USD 120 million
Nordic Development Fund EUR 6.0 million
United Kingdom GBP 45 million

Community Resilience Partnership Program Trust Fund

What is the trust fund?

The Community Resilience Partnership Program Trust Fund (CRPPTF) is a multi-donor trust fund under the CRFPF that aims to provide technical assistance and grant resources to scale up climate adaptation solutions at the community level.

The CRPPTF will support three outputs:

  1. Knowledge and action research to strengthen the identification, development and implementation of pro-poor community-led adaptation measures;
  2. Strengthen institutional and community capacity to develop and deliver community-led adaptation measures; and
  3. Preparation and implementation of pro-poor investment projects supporting community-led adaptation.

Who is eligible to receive support?

All DMCs are eligible for support from the fund. However, priority may be given based on financing partner priorities. Currently, priority DMCs are Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Nepal.

Who supports the trust fund?

The Agence Française de Développement, Nordic Development Fund, and the United Kingdom are the first contributors to the fund.

Community Resilience Partnership Program Trust Fund diagram

CRPPTF Gender Window

What is the purpose of the gender window?

The CRPPTF includes a dedicated gender window with funds earmarked specifically for supporting women-focused investments.

Focusing on women means prioritizing investment projects where the primary stakeholders are women throughout the project cycle, from planning, design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

The gender window will:

  1. Support the development and scaling up of community-level climate adaptation solutions where the primary stakeholder are women; and
  2. Provide grant financing for the implementation of such solutions.

Outside of the “gender window” all other activities will also integrate gender and include gender specific designs.