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ADB offers loans, grants, and technical assistance from Special Funds, Trust Funds, and other sources to help reduce poverty in Asia’s poorest countries.

Status: Closed

Cooperation Fund in Support of Managing for Development Results (MfDR)

What is the MfDR Cooperation Fund?

The MfDR Cooperation Fund was established in March 2004 to help ADB promote results-management techniques within ADB and developing member countries (DMCs). The fund—with contributions from Canada, the Netherlands, and Norway—amounts to $2.9 million. It is a multi-donor umbrella facility that allows for further donor contributions.

What are the priorities?

  • Introduction of results-based planning and budgeting techniques
  • Preparation of results-oriented national development plans and strategies, sector plans, and road maps
  • Improvement of methods for measuring, monitoring and managing for results
  • Training of DMC officials on MfDR

What kind of activities are covered by the fund?

The fund will help strengthen DMC capacity to prepare and implement results-oriented national development plans.

The fund will provide assistance aimed at, among other things, the following:

  • conducting diagnostic assessments of results based-management strategies and implementation systems (including sector road maps and capacity building) at central and local levels
  • preparing results-oriented action plans
  • preparing and implementing capacity-building plans
  • increasing civil-society involvement in design, monitoring, and evaluation of results-oriented national and sector strategies
  • training activities for government officials. To the extent appropriate to maximize dissemination of good practices, selected representatives of civil society organizations, and national officers of ADB resident missions may also attend the training sessions
  • assessing the state of results-management techniques in individual DMCs and providing advice on results-oriented approaches
  • piloting new schemes to better measure, monitor, and manage for results at the DMC level
  • aligning cooperation programs with country results, including assistance to produce high-quality sectoral road map
  • harmonizing results-reporting and improvement of statistical systems at the country level
  • promote ADB’s contribution to improve management-for-development results through regional activities to build capacity on standards and norms of results management, including facilitating participation of DMC officials at international seminars and workshops on results management
  • increase the results orientation of public sector management efforts and reform programs by applying

Who is eligible to receive the funding?

All ADB DMCs are eligible to receive assistance under the fund.

Who supports the fund? 

Canada, The Netherlands, and Norway support the fund.