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ADB offers loans, grants, and technical assistance from Special Funds, Trust Funds, and other sources to help reduce poverty in Asia’s poorest countries.

Financial Sector Development Partnership Special Fund

What is the fund?

The Financial Sector Development Partnership Special Fund is aimed at strengthening regional, subregional, and national financial systems in Asia and the Pacific. The special fund was established in December 2013 to support the activities of the Financial Sector Development Partnership Fund, which was established six years prior.

What are the priorities?

Selection of project proposals under the fund should be consistent with the financial sector operational plan objectives and country partnership strategies of the relevant developing member countries. The fund will provide assistance in the form of untied grants for components of investment projects; and technical assistance projects.

What kinds of activities are eligible for the fund?

Eligible activities will be closely aligned with the five themes and subsectors under the Financial Sector Operational Plan, including:

  • building the foundation for financial sector development (policy, legal, regulatory, and supervisory frameworks; financial infrastructure; public debt market; and central bank capacity building);
  • improving access to financial services for the traditionally excluded (households and small and medium-sized enterprises);
  • developing capital markets (particularly to support infrastructure financing);
  • improving financial system stability (prudential regulation, supervision, corporate governance, and international standards and codes); and
  • facilitating the integration of regional financial markets.

Activities to improve the general investment climate, such as (i) improving the general legal and regulatory framework, (ii) strengthening governance, and (iii) enhancing administrative capacity, are also eligible as in the original objective and scope of the Financial Sector Development Partnership Fund.

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Who is eligible to receive the fund?

All ADB developing member countries are eligible to receive support from the fund.

Who supports the fund?

ADB and Luxembourg support the fund.