Funds and Resources

ADB offers loans, grants, and technical assistance from Special Funds, Trust Funds, and other sources to help reduce poverty in Asia’s poorest countries.

Status: Closed

New Zealand Cooperation Fund for Technical Assistance

What is the fund?

The fund is a single-donor trust fund established in 1999 to finance technical assistance operations in ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs).

What are the priorities?

Sectors supported by the fund are:

  • education, outer islands development, human resources development and fisheries in the Cook Islands
  • human resources development and education, private sector development in rural areas, and strengthening governance in Vanuatu
  • general and poverty reduction in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
  • education and training, outer islands development and public sector reforms and private sector development in Tonga
  • community resource management in the Philippines
  • trade-related capacity-building and small and medium-sized enterprises development in the ASEAN region

What kind of activities will be financed from the fund?

Activities such as project preparation, advisory services and project implementation will be financed from the fund.

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Who is eligible to receive the grant?

Assistance from the fund is available to DMCs of ADB and regional institutions operating in such countries.

Who supports the fund?

New Zealand supports the fund.