Funds and Resources

ADB offers loans, grants, and technical assistance from Special Funds, Trust Funds, and other sources to help reduce poverty in Asia’s poorest countries.

Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund

What is the fund?

The Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund is a $150 million multi-donor trust fund (2013-2021) administered by ADB under the Urban Financing Partnership Facility. It aims to support fast-growing cities in Asia to reduce the risks poor and vulnerable people face from floods, storms or droughts, by helping to better plan and design infrastructure to invest against these impacts.

What are the priorities?

The fund supports cities by improving urban planning, designing climate resilient infrastructure and investing in projects and people. The program’s goals include the roll out of about 25 infrastructure projects and other resilience measures to protect around 2 million poor and vulnerable people in the target cities by 2021. It also aims to leverage about $1 billion in investments from public, private and municipal sources. The fund aims to scale up investments in urban climate change resilience (UCCR), especially for the urban poor across 25 secondary cities in Asia and prioritizes in eight developing member countries (DMCs) of the ADB: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

What kinds of activities are eligible for the fund?

Funds are available for cities in the 8 priority countries through the ADB Operations Department. The fund uses a systems-centered approach that supports making climate change a central element of city planning. The Trust Fund provides technical assistance and investment grant financing to projects, through the ADB Operation Departments to support climate change integration into city planning, implementation of both ‘hard’ (infrastructure) and ‘soft’ (policy or institutional) interventions and includes a strong knowledge component. These three components will help cities reduce the risks that rapid urbanization and climate change have on their population, particularly the urban poor.

Who is eligible to receive the fund?

The eligible countries to receive support from the fund are Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Viet Nam.

Who supports the fund?

The Rockefeller Foundation and the governments of Switzerland and the United Kingdom support the fund.