Public Sector Financing

ADB offers a range of financing instruments, products, and modalities to provide developing member countries with flexibility in determining how they can achieve development results.

Financial Management Resources

ADB develops and applies policies, frameworks and guidelines to support, assess and monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of country-, sector-, program-, and project-related financial management systems.

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Cash Basis IPSAS for ADB Project Financial Reporting

Cash Basis IPSAS for ADB Project Financial Reporting

Designed for individuals who have, or plan to have, a key role in preparing project financial statements according to ADB's requirements.

Cost Estimates Preparation

Cost Estimates Preparation

A preparatory course for gaining basic understanding of the importance of robust project cost estimates, its guiding principles, and detailed components of ADB-financed projects.


Methodology and Technical Guidance Notes

January 2009

Financial Due Diligence: A Methodology Note

Specific guidance and procedures in the conduct of the financial due diligence of ADB projects, covering four core activities of financial management: (i) financial management assessment, (ii) project cost estimates and financing plan, (iii) financial analysis, and (iv) financial evaluation.

February 2022

Cost Estimation in Sovereign Operations: Technical Guidance Note

Guidance for executing agencies, consultants, and ADB staff on preparing and maintaining cost estimates, and how cost estimates should be presented in ADB documents. It offers an approach and methodology, based on international good practice, that if consistently applied should lead to the preparation of more robust cost estimates and should facilitate oversight of ADB-financed projects.

October 2019

Financial Analysis and Evaluation: Technical Guidance Note

ADB’s requirements and good practices for financial analysis and evaluation of sovereign projects, identifying measures to ensure that ADB-supported investments are financially viable and sustainable.

December 2018

Financial Due Diligence for Financial Intermediaries: Technical Guidance Note

ADB's requirements and good practices for due diligence on financial intermediation loans.

May 2015

Technical Guidance Note on Financial Management Assessment

Guidance for ADB staff, consultants and executing agencies on ADB requirements and considerations for financial management assessment.

March 2015

Financial Management Technical Guidance Note on Preparing a Country Audit Strategy

Guidance on preparing country audit strategy to support project preparation and administration.

March 2015

Technical Guidance Note: Guidance on Using Audited Project Financial Statements (APFS) - Standard Review Checklist

Itemized discussion of the purpose and primary focus areas in using the Audited Project Financial Statements (APFS) - Standard Review Checklist.



Good Practice Examples

These examples illustrate the application of ADB's policy and guidelines for project financial due diligence and may be used as guides, keeping in mind the unique nature of each project and exercising professional judgment.

Cambodia / Agriculture, natural resources and rural development

46009-003: Flood Damage Emergency Reconstruction Project

People's Republic of China / Agriculture, natural resources and rural development

42382-013: Liaoning Small Cities and Towns Development Demonstration Sector Project

People's Republic of China / Transport

45021-002: Anhui Intermodal Sustainable Transport Project

Sri Lanka / Energy

47037-003: Green Power Development and Energy Efficiency Improvement Investment Program

Indonesia / Finance

48207: Financial Market Development and Inclusion Program- Subprogram 1

Kiribati / Transport

44281: Road Rehabilitation Project – Additional Financing

Viet Nam / Transport

41444-013: Second Northern Greater Mekong Subregion Transport Network Improvement Project

Kyrgyz Republic / Energy

46348-003: Toktogul Rehabilitation Phase 2 Project

Pakistan / Energy

37192: Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program

Templates and Tools

Financial Management Starter Kit

A compilation of guidance, tools, and reference materials relevant to preparing and conducting financial due diligence during project processing; organized and prepared for quick access by ADB staff and consultants, and by executing and implementing agencies. It provides the methodology, key guidance notes, financial due diligence requirements, and examples of cost estimates model and good practice in financial management assessment.