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Digital Technology

Digital technology has boosted growth, expanded opportunities, and improved service delivery in much of the world. ADB's initiatives are empowering the poor to use digital technology to help lift themselves out of poverty.

ADB recognises that for digital technology to have sustainable development impact in the region, more investment is needed in policy, infrastructure, capacity, and skills. ADB financing has included support for:

  • Digital infrastructure, such as telecommunications networks, data centers, cloud services, devices and applications, and adequate power supply.
  • Digital technology industries, through an improved business environment, support to research and development, or enhanced competitiveness.
  • Digital technology start-ups, through ecosystem development and impact investment.
  • Digital services in areas such as education, finance, governance, and health.
  • Digital technology policy and strategy.
  • Data analytics and insights, such as leveraging public earth observation data from satellites for disaster risk reduction or intelligent agriculture.
  • Digital technology capacity development and upskilling.

Our Impact

Development progress in Asia and the Pacific.

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Proportion of adults in developing Asia with a bank account or using mobile money

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Proportion of population in developing Asia covered by a mobile network and/or ICT

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Proportion of population in developing Asia with access to electricity