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Digital Technology

Digital technology has boosted growth, expanded opportunities, and improved service delivery in much of the world. ADB's initiatives are empowering the poor to use digital technology to help lift themselves out of poverty.

Digital Technology in Agriculture and Food Security

Aquaculture research facility in Palau.
Aquaculture research facility in Palau.

ADB’s digital technology efforts are raising agricultural productivity and the quality of life of farmers and the rural poor by improving information flows, communication, and access to reliable, up-to-date information. This enables strategic decision-making by farmers and prevents or mitigates losses caused by natural disasters.

Through ICT, farmers and agricultural producers can more easily access relevant and timely information—from the acquisition of quality seeds, credit and insurance, water supply for irrigation, to livestock care and market prices. ADB’s efforts in this area help create and spread agricultural knowledge, disseminate up-to-date technology, facilitate trainings, and connect rural enterprises to markets.

Featured ICT-related Projects in the Agriculture Sector

Title Description
River Basin Water Resources Management and Development

This TA aims to improve transparency and efficiency of the public procurement system.

Some of its activities include: (i) review and assess existing hardware and software elements of data collection and transfer; (ii) design means of transferring existing data into new databases; and (ii) select GIS software and formulate structure for an inventory of water and related natural resources.

Implementing the Greater Mekong Subregion Core Agriculture Support Program (Phase 2) This TA aims to enhance market access for environmentally friendly agricultural products produced by smallholders. One of its outputs is to establish the “electronic trade of environmentally friendly agri-food production of smallholders,” which entails piloting a road map for e-trade operations, including a cross-border trade administration system for agri-food products and e-trade modalities.
Applying Remote Sensing Technology in River Basin Management This TA aims to improve river basin management including flood risk management using SBT and ICT in target countries. The project’s specific agenda include: (i) developing application methodology on space based technology (SBT) and information communication technology (ICT) for water-related disaster management; (ii) developing strategies and programs for water-related disaster mitigation applying SBT and ICT; and (iii) developing capacity for SBT and ICT.

Featured Multimedia

Sow What – ADBI on Agribusiness

ADB Institute offers practical solutions that will help farmers in developing countries boost their earnings through innovative agricultural practices.


  • Thomas ABELL (Mr)

    Advisor and Chief of Digital Technology for Development
    Digital Technology for Development Unit
    Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department

Digital Technology in Other Key Sectors

Digital Technology in Education


Digital technology can improve the efficiency and quality of education at all levels. Part of ADB's strategy to support its education policy principles is promoting "experimentation with, and dissemination of, innovative strategies and technologies in education."

Digital Technology in Health


Digital technology can be a powerful tool for improving health and related services. ADB projects are helping to improve dissemination of public health information, bridge the gap in consultation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Digital Technology in Public Sector

Public Sector Management

ADB encourages governments to adopt both innovative approaches and modern technologies to promote good governance.

Digital Technology in Telecommunications


ADB is helping to expand telecommunication networks, provide shared digital technology access facilities like Community e-Centers (CeCs), and develop innovative and relevant digital technology applications.