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Governance and Public Management

Good governance is critical for development. ADB promotes good governance processes and practices for inclusive, participatory, and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.

Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations and Small Island Developing States: Improving ADB Operations

The FCAS and SIDS Approach (FSA)

ADB is developing an approach to ensure that our operations address the specific challenges and requirements of FCAS and SIDS. The FSA is currently undergoing its second round of consultations which will be held February-March 2021. Read more

ADB COVID-19 Response: Public Sector Management

ADB's COVID-19 Response is a $20 billion package to support its developing member countries in countering the severe macroeconomic and health impacts caused by COVID-19, including $2.5 billion in concessional and grant resources, as well as $2 billion earmarked for the private sector (nonsovereign).

Committed Amount is the financing approved by ADB's Board of Directors or Management for which the legal agreement has been signed by the borrower, recipient, or the investee company and ADB.
*Projects may be listed in more than one country or subregion. The number of projects excludes short-term finance transactions under the Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance, and Microfinance Programs.

ADB Projects on Governance and Public Management

Project Results


Governance Thematic Group

Promotes attention to governance and public sector management issues in ADB operations, and is an important institutional platform for knowledge sharing, cross-departmental coordination, peer review, learning, and links to external networks and partners.