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Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations (FCAS) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Developing context-specific tailored support for FCAS and SIDS is a critical element in ADB’s approach to helping build resilience and secure lasting stability and development in the most vulnerable environments.

ADB's engagement with FCAS and SIDS

In line with its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty and build a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, ADB prioritizes support for the poorest and most vulnerable countries in the region, including FCAS and SIDS. The increasing complexities of national and subnational fragility require focused responses to ensure lasting development gains.

ADB FCAS and SIDS operations use nonstandard, tailored approaches, including flexible business processes, strengthened human resources and field presence, and in-depth analytics to better understand multidimensional drivers of fragility and apply this knowledge to investments. ADB brings added value through diverse long-term concessional financing instruments designed to support these challenging environments.

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FCAS Countries


ADB placed on hold its assistance in Afghanistan
effective 15 August 2021.    Learn more

Lao People's Democratic Republic


ADB placed on hold its assistance in Myanmar
effective 1 February 2021.    Learn more


Samuel Tumiwa
Samuel Tumiwa

Advisor, SDCC and Chief of Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations

Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas

Principal Operations Coordination Specialist (Conflict-Affected Situations)

Rosalind McKenzie
Rosalind McKenzie

Principal Operations Coordination Specialist (Fragile Situations)

Marko Davila
Marko Davila

Operations Coordination Specialist (Conflict-Affected Situations)


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  FCAS Community

ADB Department
You may contact FCAS and SIDS focal points by selecting a department from the dropdown.
Nadejda MochinovaSenior Workforce Planning Specialist  E-mail
Alain BorghijsPrincipal Economist  E-mail
Carmen Garcia PerezRegional Cooperation Specialist  E-mail
Narendra SingruCountry Director  E-mail
Xu YiSenior Financial Management Specialist  E-mail
Peter WaaUnit Head, Security and Emergency Services  E-mail
Neil HickeySenior Communications Specialist  E-mail
Yumiko TamuraPrincipal Operations Coordination Specialist  E-mail
Kaukab NaqviSenior Economist  E-mail
Dhivya RavikumarPublic-Private Partnership Specialist  E-mail
Siddhartha ShahDirector  E-mail
Takeo KoikeDirector  E-mail
Peter HoPrincipal Risk Management Specialist  E-mail
Peter WhelanSenior Risk Management Specialist  E-mail
David HillCountry Director  E-mail
Lotte Schou ZibellRegional Director  E-mail
Masayuki TachiiriRegional Director  E-mail
Paul CurryPrincipal Operations Coordination Specialist  E-mail
Reddy BathulaAdvisor and PAU Head  E-mail
Rose MckenziePrincipal Operations Coordination Specialist (Fragile Situations)  E-mail
Eric GagnonPrincipal Procurement Specialist  E-mail
Luke FochtmanProcurement Specialist  E-mail
Tahmeen AhmadFinancial Management Specialist  E-mail
Ali MalikInvestment Specialist  E-mail
Alix BurrellPrincipal Investment Specialist  E-mail
David BartonPrincipal Investment Specialist  E-mail
Paul FleglerPrincipal Investment Specialist  E-mail
Thiam Hee NgDirector  E-mail
Emma AllenCountry Economist  E-mail
Joel MangahasPrincipal Country Specialist  E-mail
Joven BalbosaAdvisor  E-mail
Kavita IyengarCountry Economist  E-mail
Newin SinsiriCountry Director  E-mail
Phantouleth LouangrajSenior Economics Officer  E-mail
Sonomi TanakaCountry Director  E-mail
Sunil MitraCountry Director  E-mail
Delaney MiriamFM Officer (SERD)  E-mail
David OldfieldPrincipal Planning and Policy Specialist  E-mail
Jan HansenSenior Planning and Policy Economist  E-mail
Hanif RahemtullaPrincipal Public Management Specialist  E-mail
Prabhjot Khan Senior Social Development Officer (Gender and Development)  E-mail
Steven GoldfinchDisaster Risk Management Specialist  E-mail
Wendy WalkerChief of Social Development Thematic Group  E-mail
Wilhelmina PazEconomist (Regional Cooperation)  E-mail