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Gender Equality and Development

ADB is working across Asia and the Pacific to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment and reduce poverty and contribute to green, equitable and inclusive development.

Accelerating progress on gender equality is an operational priority for ADB in its Strategy 2030. ADB is committed to supporting gender equality through gender inclusive projects in at least 75% of its sovereign and non-sovereign operations by 2030. The bank promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment by mainstreaming these goals across the full range of its operations.

ADB regularly conducts gender analysis based on key indicators in its Developing Member Countries (DMCs) to help ensure all ADB projects fully address gender issues and contribute to reducing gender inequality in their design and implementation. ADB also works with DMCs to ensure that gender equality is prominent in policies and responses to climate change and COVID-19, from which women suffer disproportionately.

Our Impact

Results delivered in 2021 from ADB projects.

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Women and girls with
increased time savings

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Women and girls completing secondary
and tertiary education or training


Women participating in