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Regional Cooperation and Integration (RCI)

Across Asia and the Pacific, ADB is working to promote cross-border infrastructure, trade integration, financial links, and regional public goods.

ADB’s commitment to regional cooperation and integration (RCI) has been a significant part of Asia’s rise as a manufacturing giant over the past forty years, made possible by sophisticated supply chain and production networks. This growth has created millions of jobs and brought development and increased prosperity to many countries in the region.

ADB projects contribute directly to the roads, power lines, bridges, ports, and border crossings that link member countries and boost growth and development throughout the region. The bank has also prioritised the building of trade agreements, treaties and regional institutions that facilitate cooperation and closer integration. ADB is also committed to helping the region collectively address transnational challenges such as pollution, climate change, pandemics like COVID-19, and financial shocks.

Our Impact

Results delivered in 2021 from ADB projects.

$0 million

Cargo transported and energy transmitted
across borders


Regional transport and ICT connectivity assets established or improved

$0 billion

Trade and investment facilitated