Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management

ADB is prioritizing climate and disaster resilience, alongside low-carbon development, in response to the growing threats facing Asia and the Pacific.

Disaster Risk Management

2021 Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy (DEAP)

The 2021 ADB Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy covers risk reduction, preparedness, and response. It introduces changes based on ADB’s experience since the DEAP was first approved in 2004, and the evolution in global good practice. The 2021 DEAP provides strategic guidance to enhance the efficiency and impact of ADB’s support to its developing member countries for strengthening resilience to disasters and emergencies.

Book cover: 2021 Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy

2021 Emergency Assistance Loan (EAL) Policy

The 2021 Emergency Assistance Loan Policy presents ADB’s stand-alone revised EAL policy, which incorporates ADB’s Strategy 2030 operational priorities related to post-disaster and emergency assistance. The EAL Policy alters the emergency assistance loan by, among other things, (i) ensuring timely yet realistic processing times and providing additional resources for project preparation, (ii) supporting early recovery and reconstruction under the EALs, (iii) defining clear implementation timelines, and (iv) retiring the quick-disbursing component. The focus of the EAL policy is on immediate short-term requirements that can be completed within a fixed maximum implementation period.

Book cover: 2021 Emergency Assistance Loan (EAL) Policy

Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund (APDRF)

The Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund is a special fund established in 2009 to provide fast-tracked grants to developing member countries for life-saving purposes in the immediate aftermath of major disasters triggered by natural hazards. The fund also makes available resources to engage experts to provide speedy post-disaster technical support for the preparation of post-disaster needs assessments (PDNAs), government-led recovery plans, and post-disaster projects, including emergency assistance loans.

Book cover: Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund (APDRF)

Reviving Cultural Heritage along the Bagmati

The Government of Nepal, under the ADB-financed Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project, has renovated over a dozen structures along the Bagmati in Kathmandu. The buildings, damaged by earthquakes and weather conditions, now stand fully reconstructed and are seismically stronger.