ADB promotes and invests in nature and environmental sustainability to achieve economic growth and reduce poverty in Asia and the Pacific.

Healthy Oceans and Sustainable Blue Economies

ADB recognizes that investments in ocean health and blue economies are critical to strengthen resilience, improve food security, protect cultural heritage, and catalyze economic transformation in Asia and the Pacific.

In 2019, ADB launched the Healthy Oceans Action Plan to scale up investments and technical assistance to $5 billion between 2019 and 2024. The Action Plan aims to protect and restore coastal and marine ecosystems, promote inclusive livelihood opportunities, grow sustainable blue economies, build resilient coastal communities, and contribute to food security in Asia and the Pacific.

Photo: Asian Development Bank

Progress towards the 2024 $5 billion target: 98%

$2.2 Billion in Commitments (2019-2022)

$2.7 Billion in the Pipeline (2023-2024)


Flagship Programs

Enhancing the resilience of coastal and marine ecosystems and island nations through nature-based adaptation investments

Accelerating action to reduce marine plastic pollution and transition to a circular economy

Supporting blue livelihoods and restorative marine value chains

Increasing the amount and efficacy of ocean finance through innovative mechanisms

Partnerships in Action

ADB has strong ocean partnerships with:

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Logo: Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance
Logo: United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative
Logo: United Nations Global Compact
Logo: World Wildlife Fund

Funds, Facilities, and Advisory Services

Finance Mechanisms

Blue Bond Incubator
Research and development of sovereign and corporate blue bonds

Coral Reef Insurance
Developing and piloting novel parametric insurance in Fiji, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Solomon Islands

Developing Green Ports and Maritime Decarbonization Financing
Enabling investments in green, resilient port infrastructure and maritime decarbonization technologies

Subregional Hubs

Blue Southeast Asia Finance Hub
Platform to develop enabling conditions, structure, and finance to accelerate public and private ocean investments and blue initiatives in Southeast Asia

Blue Pacific Finance Hub
Platform to foster collaboration, develop enabling conditions, and prepare and implement $500 million in ocean investments

SME BlueIMPACT Asia Platform

Accelerating and financing small and medium ocean enterprises


Perspectives on Healthy Oceans and Sustainable Blue Economies


Key Resources