Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations (FCAS) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Developing context-specific tailored support for FCAS and SIDS is a critical element in ADB’s approach to helping build resilience and secure lasting stability and development in the most vulnerable environments.

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FCAS and SIDS Annual Report

As more of the world’s extreme poor become concentrated in just a handful of countries classified as fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCAS), ADB increasingly recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely suitable in such contexts. ADB’s Strategy 2030 calls for differentiated approaches to development work in FCAS, small island developing states (SIDS), and subnational pockets of poverty and fragility, where results have lagged. ADB has committed to improving its operations in such contexts.


Perspectives on FCAS and SIDS


Profile Photo: Benjamin Graham
Benjamin Graham

Director, Fragility and Engagement

Profile Photo: Elaine Thomas
Elaine Thomas

Unit Head, FCAS and SIDS

Profile Photo: Rosalind McKenzie
Rosalind McKenzie

Principal Operations Coordination Specialist (Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations)

Profile Photo: Erin Chu Felton
Erin Chu Felton

Senior Operations Coordination Specialist (Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations)

Profile Photo: Edward Rees

Edward Rees

Senior Fragility and Resilience Specialist (Climate Change)

Profile Photo: Chao-Yiing Lu

Chao-Yiing Lu

Operations Coordination Specialist (FCAS)


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Paul Curry

Nadejda Mochinova
Senior Workforce Planning Specialist

Carmen Garcia Perez
Regional Cooperation Specialist

Narendra Singru
Country Director

Steven Goldfinch
Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist

Prabhjot Khan
Senior Social Development Officer (Gender and Development)

Rose Mckenzie
Principal Operations Coordination Specialist (Fragile Situations)

Wilhelmina Paz
Economist (Regional Cooperation)

Girard Pacifico Marin
Security and Emergency Services Specialist

Neil Hickey
Senior Communications Specialist

Reddy Bathula
Regional Head, Operations Coordination

Kaukab Naqvi
Senior Economist

Dhivya Ravikumar
Markets Development Advisory Specialist

Siddhartha Shah
Director, Markets Development Advisory Division 2

Peter Whelan
Principal Risk Management Specialist

David Hill

Tahmeen Ahmad
Senior Financial Management Specialist

Luke Fochtman
Senior Procurement Specialist

Delaney Miriam
FM Officer (SERD)

David Barton
Principal Investment Specialist

Alix Burrell
Principal Investment Specialist

Paul Flegler
Principal Investment Specialist

Ali Malik
Investment Specialist

Jan Hansen
Principal Economist

Thiam Hee Ng

Charlotte Schou-Zibell

Emma Allen
Senior Country Economist

Kavita Iyengar

Joel Mangahas
Principal Country Specialist

Sunil Mitra
Country Director

Sonomi Tanaka
Country Director

David Oldfield
Principal Planning and Policy Specialist

Masayuki Tachiiri

ADB placed on hold its assistance in Afghanistan effective 15 August 2021. ADB Statement on Afghanistan | Asian Development Bank.
ADB placed on hold its assistance in Myanmar effective 1 February 2021. ADB Statement on Myanmar | Asian Development Bank.