Tajikistan and ADB

Building on 25 years of strong partnership, ADB continues to help Tajikistan in achieving inclusive, green, and resilient development.

ADB's Work in Tajikistan

Tajikistan has an enormous growth potential given its young and growing population; water and hydropower, agriculture and food processing, mineral resources; and tourism potential. The country has experienced strong economic performance over the past decade, with the annual growth rate averaging above 7%. Yet, challenges remain, including high exposure to risks resulting from climate change, a narrow economic base, limited private investments, and the financial sustainability of the energy sector.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been in partnership with Tajikistan since 1998, supporting a wide range of sectors and themes including strategic road and energy infrastructure, health, skills development, agriculture, food security, and finance. The partnership has resulted in over 700 kilometers (km) of upgraded highways; 600 km of new or upgraded power transmission and distribution lines; 170,000 hectares of land with better irrigation and drainage systems protected from flooding; 100,000 rural households with reliable drinking water for the first time; 500,000 urban citizens with improved water supply and sewerage services; 260,000 rural people with improved health care services; and 146 vocational institutions and secondary schools renovated and equipped.

To strengthen Tajikistan’s resilience to risks resulting from climate change, 73% of ADB ongoing projects in 2023 had climate change mitigation or adaptation measures including climate-proofed infrastructure, green buildings, energy efficiency, early warning systems, and tree planting, among others.

Under the ADB’s country partnership strategy for 2021–2025, operations in Tajikistan focus on three strategic priorities: supporting structural reforms to enhance resource allocation and mobilization, improving labor productivity through human capital development, and fostering better livelihoods through strategic investments. Regional cooperation and integration initiatives under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program are a key part of ADB operations in the country.

As of 31 December 2023, ADB has committed 158 public sector loans, grants, and technical assistance totaling $2.4 billion to Tajikistan. ADB’s current sovereign portfolio in Tajikistan includes 1 loan and 21 grants worth $953.4 million.

Cumulative sovereign loan and grant disbursements to Tajikistan amount to $1.98 billion. These were financed by concessional ordinary capital resources, the Asian Development Fund, and other special funds.

Photo: Asian Development Bank
Teacher and students talk in the school yard after lessons, secondary school #40, Dushanbe, Takikistan.Photo: Nozim Kalandarov/ADB

Nonsovereign operations. Total outstanding balances and undisbursed commitments of ADB’s nonsovereign transactions in Tajikistan as of 31 December 2023 amounted to $2.53 million representing 0.02% of ADB’s total private sector portfolio.

Operational challenges. ADB and the Government of Tajikistan are working closely to improve quality-at-entry for projects, enhance procurement and disbursement capacities, strengthen country processes, incorporate climate- and gender-related measures into development projects, and promote the financial sustainability of investments.


Knowledge Work

ADB’s knowledge work in Tajikistan provides analytical and capacity building support aligned with the country partnership strategy’s focus areas. In 2023, ADB analyzed ways to economically empower women in rural Tajikistan, outlined health care challenges and support, and assessed climate change impacts and solutions in Central and West Asia including Tajikistan. ADB has also provided knowledge support for enhancing a road asset management system and road safety measures to ensure road safety and reliability. Tajikistan’s macroeconomic landscape and economic prospects were featured in the Tajikistan chapter of the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) April 2023. To illustrate the risks resulting from climate change and ADB’s support in the country, ADB published a photo essay on how children see climate change.

Shareholding and Voting Power

Number of Shares Held
30,402 (0.286% of total shares)

69,516 (0.523% of total membership, 0.803% of total regional membership)

*Overall capital subscription
$407.89 million

*Paid-in capital subscription
$20.45 million

* United States dollar figures are valued at rate as of 31 December 2023.

ADB Governor: Hokim Kholiqzoda
ADB Alternate Governor: Sulton Rahimzoda
ADB Director: Vikas Sheel (India)
ADB Alternate Director: Nim Dorji (Bhutan)
ADB Director’s Advisor: V. Ponnuraj (India) and Smita Sarangi (India)


Financing Partnerships

Financing partnerships enable ADB’s financing partner governments or their agencies, multilateral financing institutions, and private organizations to participate in financing ADB projects. The additional funds provided may be in the form of loans and grants, technical assistance, and nonsovereign cofinancing.

Cumulative cofinancing commitments in Tajikistan:

  • Sovereign cofinancing: $330.77 million for 23 investment projects and $20.4 million for 21 technical assistance projects since 2000
  • Nonsovereign cofinancing: $12.24 million


Future Directions

In 2024, ADB plans to support government-led structural reforms to attract more foreign and domestic private investors. To improve energy sector efficiency, ADB aims to support the development of a regional energy market and the piloting of a hybrid floating solar power system in Tajikistan. ADB will continue to strengthen health services for mothers and children, and enhance the livelihoods and food security of rural women. ADB will also develop green road corridors connecting rural and urban areas.

This article was originally published in the ADB and Tajikistan: Fact Sheet. Updated yearly, this ADB Fact Sheet provides concise information on ADB's operations in the country and contact information.


Tajikistan Resident Mission
Asian Development Bank
2/1, Huvaydulloev Street,
Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734049
Tel: +992 44 6031000

Executive Office of the President
80, Rudaki Avenue
Dushanbe 734001, Tajikistan
Tel: +992 37 221 5956

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