Schedule of Policies and Strategies Subject to Public Consultations

ADB seeks the participation of its shareholders and other interested stakeholders during the development and/or review of its safeguard, sector, and thematic policies and strategies. In addition, ADB may consult with stakeholders on other policies and strategies as needed.

Document Title Category Details of External Consultations Board Discussion/Information Contact Person/Division
Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) Policy Papers Q1/Q2 2021 W-paper: Q4 2021 (TBD)
R-paper: Q1 2022
B. Dunn, SDSS
Organizational Review Policy papers Q1/Q2 2022

IBB: Jult 2021
Deep-dive session with the Board: Jan 2022

A. Veron-Okamoto, SPSI

* based on Status of Policy and Strategy Papers, and Other Documents under Preparation in ADB (as of 14 December 2021)