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Accountability Mechanism

The Accountability Mechanism of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) exists to provide an independent and effective forum for those affected by ADB-assisted projects to voice their concerns.

Complaint Receiving Officer's Complaints Registry

This registry lists complaints that are related to ADB-assisted projects and filed by people who seek access to the Accountability Mechanism, in compliance with ADB's 2012 Accountability Mechanism Policy (Paras. 124 and 155) and Operations Manual Section L1/OP (Paras. 12, 46, and 96). Other complaints received by the CRO are also included in the registry. Registration herein is an administrative step and does not mean that the complaint is eligible for problem-solving or compliance review. (Para. 155, 2012 Accountability Mechanism Policy)

The OSPF and the CRP have their separate registries for complaints forwarded to them by the CRO.


  • ADB-assisted project - a "project financed or to be financed, or administered, by ADB, and covers both sovereign and nonsovereign operations" (Operations Manual Section L1/BP, Page 1)
  • Operations Department - any "department that handles the formulation, processing, or implementation of an ADB-assisted project. The operations departments include the regional departments and the Private Sector Operations Department" (Operations Manual Section L1/BP, Page 1)
Number Date Received Country Project Name Status
19 19 April 2021 Nepal Unidentified project in Nepal Forwarded to Procurement on 20 April
18 3 April 2021 Pakistan Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Project Pending with CRO
17 1 April 2021 India India: Uttar Pradesh Major District Roads Improvement Project Pending with CRO
16 1 April 2021 India Road project in India (Not ADB-assisted) Closed
15 30 March 2021 India Balakot Hydropower Development Project (formerly Hydropower Development Investment Project) Closed
14 16 March 2021 India India: Tamil Nadu Urban Flagship Investment Program Forwarded to Procurement on 18 March
13 9 March 2021 India Unidentified Road Project Forwarded to OAI on 10 March
12 1 March 2021 Armenia Sustainable Urban Development Investment Program - Tranche 2 Forwarded to SPF on 8 March.
Ineligible on 22 March.
Issues being resolved at ARMM. Complainants are willing to engage with ARMM.
11 1 March 2021 India Tamil Nadu Industrial Connectivity Project Pending with CRO
10 17 February 2021 Bangladesh Spectra Solar Power Project Closed
9 8 February 2021 Philippines Improving Growth Corridors in Mindanao Road Sector Project Closed
8 3 February 2021 Nepal Kathmandu Valley Water Distribution, Sewerage, and Urban Development Forwarded to Procurement on 3 February
7 27 January 2020 Sri Lanka Supporting National Development Planning toward Recovery from COVID-19 Forwarded to Procurement on 29 January
6 26 January 2021 Bangladesh Emergency Assistance Project Forwarded to SPF on 19 February ding with CRO
5 25 January 2021 Sri Lanka Integrated Road Investment Program Closed
4 21 January 2021 Mongolia Unspecified vegetable production and irrigated agriculture project Forwarded to Procurement on 22 January
3 21 January 2021 Bangladesh Emergency Assistance Project Forwarded to SPF on 18 February
2 13 January 2021 Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Roads Improvement Project Pending with CRO
1 12 January 2021 Pakistan Pakistan: Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project Forwarded to Procurement on 13 January


ADB = Asian Development Bank
AM = Accountability Mechanism
BPMSD - Budget, Personnel, and Management Systems Department
CRO = Complaint Receiving Officer
CRP = Compliance Review Panel
CWRD = Central and West Asia Department
EARD = East Asia Department
MFF = Multitranche Financing Facility
OAI = Office of Anticorruption and Integrity

OD = Operations Department
OCRP = Office of the Compliance Review Panel
OSFMD = Operations Services and Financial Management Department
OSPF = Office of the Special Project Facilitator
PARD = Pacific Department
PSOD = Pacific Sector Operations Department
SARD = South Asia Department
SERD = Southeast Asia Department
SPF = Special Project Facilitator