Accountability Mechanism

The Accountability Mechanism of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) exists to provide an independent and effective forum for those affected by ADB-assisted projects to voice their concerns.

Filing a Complaint

ADB's Accountability Mechanism is the last resort for raising issues and addressing problems. Project-affected people (complainants) must first contact the concerned ADB operations department and try to resolve their issues and complaints. If they are not satisfied with the solutions offered by ADB staff, they can file a complaint with the Complaint Receiving Officer (CRO) to reach the Special Project Facilitator (SPF) or the Compliance Review Panel (CRP) as a last resort.

Who Can File

What to Say


Complaints may be submitted in any of the official or national languages of ADB’s developing member countries. Additional time, however, will be required for translation. The working language of the Accountability Mechanism is English.


Complainants are welcome to file the complaint in their own words without following the sample complaint letter or form, but should provide the required minimum information listed below.

Contents of the Complaint

Complaints will not be entertained if they are:

Additional exclusions under the Problem-Solving Function
Additional exclusions under the Compliance Review Function


Complaint Receiving Officer
Accountability Mechanism
Asian Development Bank
6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550
Metro Manila, Philippines

About the Complaint Receiving Officer

The single point of entry for complaints and serves as the first contact for project-affected people under ADB’s Accountability Mechanism. After filing a complaint, there are two options available.


Receiving and Handling Complaints

Receiving and Handling Complaints

  Within 2 days of receiving the complaint

Note: Other ADB departments should forward complaints received to the CRO.

  Within 2 days of receiving the complaint
  Within 5 days after the 21-day deadline for complainants to change their choice

Returning complaint to complainants (if needed)

Note: If the complaint needs to be returned, the CRO resends the information packet to explain the two available functions.

  Within 2 days of forwarding the complaint to the relevant department or failure of the complainants to clarify their choice