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Development Effectiveness and Results

ADB focuses on results management in its operations, improving the capacities of its developing member countries, and contributing to the global agenda on aid effectiveness.

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Institutional Document

2019 Development Effectiveness Review

The Development Effectiveness Review 2019 reports on ADB's progress in achieving the priorities of its corporate strategy using the indicators in the corporate results framework, 2019–2024 as the yardstick.


Together We Deliver: Grants for a Brighter Future

This edition focuses on how Asian Development Fund (ADF) grants are uplifting the lives of millions of the most vulnerable people in Asia and the Pacific.

News Release

ADB Approves New Corporate Results Framework to Improve Operations

ADB has approved a new corporate results framework to better assess its performance in achieving a more prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific. The framework is aligned with Strategy 2030, ADB’s long-term corporate strategy to respond effectively to the region's changing development needs.

Institutional Document

Guidelines for Preparing a Design and Monitoring Framework

These guidelines describe how a project-level design and monitoring framework should be developed and used throughout the project cycle for Asian Development Bank (ADB) sovereign operations and technical assistance projects.

Managing for Development Results

To help realize its vision of an Asia and the Pacific free of poverty, ADB is pursuing a deliberate, structured program of managing for development results.

ADB Results Framework

The ADB Results Framework assesses overall development progress in Asia and the Pacific and ADB’s effectiveness in delivering development results. It has been periodically revised to ensure its continued relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness as a performance management tool.

Commercial Cofinancing

Global Agenda on Development Effectiveness

This publication discusses the priorities and principles put forward by the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, and highlights how ADB has been implementing them.

Publications and Documents


Development Effectiveness Review

The Development Effectiveness Review, an annual report by ADB Management, assesses ADB's progress in implementing its long-term strategic framework, Strategy 2020.


Development Effectiveness Country Briefs

The Development Effectiveness Country Briefs present how ADB's operations help improve people's lives in developing member countries and the challenges ADB and the countries face in pursuing agreed development goals.

Institutional Document

ADB Corporate Results Framework, 2019–2024: Policy Paper

This paper presents proposals for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) corporate results framework (CRF) for 2019–2024 that is aligned with Strategy 2030.


Impact Evaluation of Development Interventions: A Practical Guide

This book offers guidance on the principles, methods, and practice of impact evaluation. It contains material for a range of audiences, from those who may use or manage impact evaluations to applied researchers.

Planning and Results Management: Contacts

We encourage you to share with us any particular experience from your country (whether at national, provincial or local level and from any sector of activity) that is relevant to the development effectiveness agenda and the implementation of the Paris Declaration, Accra Agenda for Action, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategy, Policy, and Business Process Division (SPBP)

Coordinates ADB's relationship and partnerships with other multilateral development banks, international organizations, and bilateral agencies at the institutional level.

Director, Strategy, Policy, and Business Process Division
Strategy, Policy, and Review Department

Results Management and Aid Effectiveness Division (SPRA)

Coordinates implementation of the managing for development results agenda, and serves as the focal point for ADB’s response to the Sustainable Development Goals and efforts to strengthen development effectiveness.

Bernard WOODS (Mr)
Director, Results Management and Aid Effectiveness Division
Strategy, Policy, and Review Department