Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

Independent Evaluation

Evaluation is central to good corporate governance. ADB continually reviews its operations to assess their effectiveness, learn from past experience, and improve the development of future policies, strategies, programs, and projects.

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Independent Evaluation at ADB

The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) independently and systematically evaluates ADB policies, strategies, operations, and special concerns that relate to organizational and operational effectiveness. By doing so, it contributes to achieving development effectiveness of ADB operations by providing evaluation feedback on performance, and generating and disseminating evaluation lessons.

There are two levels of evaluation in ADB:

  • self-evaluation, conducted by those responsible for designing and implementing a country strategy, program, or project
  • independent evaluation undertaken by IED



Independent Evaluation Department
Asian Development Bank
6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550, Metro Manila, Philippines
Information request

Emmanuel Jimenez(Mr)
Director General
+63 2 8632 4100

Sona Shrestha (Ms)
Deputy Director General

Andrew Brubaker (Mr)
Director, Thematic and Country Division
+63 2 8632 4119

Nathan Subramaniam (Mr)
Director, Sector and Projects Division
+63 2 8632 6710