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Anticorruption and Integrity

Underpinned by ADB's zero tolerance for corruption, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity aligns with ADB’s commitment to strengthen governance across Asia and the Pacific as it mitigates integrity risks, investigates integrity violations, and promotes integrity among ADB’s stakeholders.


25 February 2021 ADB supports ASEAN efforts to implement tax integrity standards

ADB briefed 16 tax officials from eight developing member countries on the Regional Hub on Domestic Resource Mobilization and International Tax Cooperation and mechanisms to maintain beneficial ownership information at the 13th meeting of the Working Group of the ASEAN Forum on Taxation, held on 25 February 2021. This is part of ADB’s initiative to support ASEAN’s efforts to implement tax integrity standards.

17 December 2020 Anti-Corruption Initiative sets capacity development activities

Anticorruption and law enforcement agencies from Asia-Pacific met virtually on 17 December 2020 to conclude the Anti-Corruption Initiative’s 2018-2020 work plan, and set new capacity development activities for public and business integrity, and law enforcement. The 69 participants representing countries and development partners shared their anticorruption achievements and updates at the meeting organized by ADB and OECD. Learn more about the Anti-Corruption Initiative.

9 December 2020 President Asakawa underscores ADB's commitment to combat illicit financial flows at International Anticorruption Day celebration

President Masatsugu Asakawa emphasized how ADB's anticorruption measures and capacity building initiatives complement efforts by media and civil society in fighting illicit financial flows at the 10th celebration of ADB's International Anticorruption Day, held on 9 December 2020. Under the theme Strengthening Governance Systems to Combat Illicit Financial Flows at a Time of COVID-19, Sarawak Report Founder and journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown shared her 1MDB investigation experience. Policy Director at Global Financial Integrity, Lakshmi Kumar highlighted the regional policy interventions that can strengthen efforts against illicit financial flows. Read the President's speech

1 December 2020 President Asakawa addresses regional challenges at high-level anticorruption panel

President Masatsugu Asakawa on 1 December 2020 discussed the key regional challenges arising from corruption and the flow of dirty money at the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference opening plenary session, Designing 2030: Truth, Trust, and Transparency. In his speech, the President outlined how IFIs like ADB must address these challenges through the operations they finance, the knowledge solutions they provide, and the partnerships they convene. 

27 November 2020 ADB supports Philippine tax integrity efforts with virtual workshop, Philippine AEOI pilot project

ADB hosted two events supporting Philippine tax integrity efforts. With Global Forum, ADB held a virtual workshop on 19-20 November 2020 where senior tax officials from Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia shared with over 50 Filipino and Thai government officials their experiences on the effective implementation of automatic exchange of information (AEOI) and use of data to fight tax evasion. ADB also launched the multi-donor initiative Philippine AEOI Pilot Project, as part of a regional technical assistance in support of the Philippine tax transparency roadmap.

25 November 2020 ADB supports SGATAR members efforts to implement tax integrity standards

Over 100 senior officials from 11 ADB developing member countries discussed international tax cooperation on transparency and exchange of information to improve enforcement capacity of tax administrations and boost tax revenues in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. ADB hosted a virtual meeting with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, OECD, and members of the Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research (SGATAR) on 24-25 November 2020.

14 October 2020 ADB promotes tax integrity standards in the Pacific

More than 50 senior officials from 13 ADB Pacific developing member countries participated in the International Tax Pacific Initiative virtual kick-off event co-hosted by ADB, Global Forum, World Bank, Pacific Islands Tax Administrators Association, Australian Taxation Office, and New Zealand Inland Revenue Department, on 14-15 and 20-21 October 2020. This initiative is aimed at supporting efforts of Pacific tax administrations in the phased and tailored implementation of tax integrity standards to enhance transparency, counter tax evasion, and strengthen domestic resource mobilization in the region. 

25 September 2020 ADB provides virtual training on options for implementing effective beneficial ownership transparency

More than 200 senior officials from 19 developing member countries participated in a virtual seminar co-hosted by ADB and Global Forum on 23-25 September to discuss the different options for implementing an effective beneficial ownership transparency regime, which is a vital tool in fighting tax evasion and aggressive forms of tax planning. 

17 September 2020 ADB participates in the Annual Anti-Corruption Forum in Japan

More than 150 representatives from Japanese companies learned about ADB's efforts to promote integrity and strengthen anticorruption capacity in ADB's developing member countries on 17 September 2020. With support from Japanese Representative Office, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI) gave a presentation on the range of preventive and compliance mechanisms in OAI, such as integrity due diligence and technical assistance on anti-money laundering/combating financing of terrorism. The event is part of the Annual Anti-Corruption Forum hosted by the Global Compact Network Japan and Anti-Bribery Committee Japan. 

17 September 2020 ADB calls for strengthening domestic resource mobilization and international tax cooperation

ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa announced at the webinar on 17 September 2020 during the 53rd Annual Meeting that ADB is establishing a regional hub to strengthen cooperation on tax policy and tax administration across economies in Asia and the Pacific and in coordination with other development partners. Japan's Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Minister of State for Financial Services, and ADB Governor Taro Aso gave his opening remarks. Indonesia Minister of Finance and Vice Chair of the ADB Board of Governors and ADB Governor Sri Mulyani Indrawati, IMF Director for Fiscal Affairs Department Vito Gaspar, and OECD Director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration Pascal Saint-Amans joined the session with New Zealand's Inland Revenue Commissioner and Chief Executive Naomi Ferguson moderating the seminar. Representatives from the World Bank, the Pacific Islands Tax Administrators Association, and the Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research also shared their views. Watch the session. Read President Masa's speech. See news release.