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Anticorruption and Integrity

Underpinned by ADB's zero tolerance for corruption, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity aligns with ADB’s commitment to strengthen governance across Asia and the Pacific as it mitigates integrity risks, investigates integrity violations, and promotes integrity among ADB’s stakeholders.


28 November 2016 Anticorruption and integrity training held for Philippine government agencies

An anticorruption capacity building training on forensic accounting tools and techniques, anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism, and ADB's framework on integrity and respectful workplace was held on 28 November at the ADB headquarters in Manila. Seventy-six representatives from the Department of Finance – Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Justice – Bureau of Immigration, Department of Transportation – Land Transportation Office, the Office of the Ombudsman, and the Sandiganbayan (anti-graft court) attended. 

24 November 2016 Training to prevent fraud and corruption held in Mongolia

ADB's Mongolia Resident Mission hosted an integrity training attended by staff from the government and private sector in Mongolia on 24 November in Ulaanbaatar. The training aimed to enhance staff's skills on identifying red flags in project implementation and conducting due diligence. 

17 November 2016 ADB helps strengthen supreme audit institutions skills

Supreme audit institutions from selected ASEAN countries joined the workshop hosted by ADB on 16-17 November in Malaysia. The integrity sessions aimed to enhance auditors skills on preventing fraud and corruption, identifying red flags, and conducting due diligence. For those interested in similar trainings, please contact OAI.

21 October 2016 ADB joins the plenary at the Institute of Internal Auditors Convention

ADB joined the Philippines' IIA Convention on 19-21 October in Bacolod City, which was attended by 260 internal auditors. ADB presented The Influence of Culture in a Fraud Environment at the plenary, and shared its approach and challenges in influencing culture to institute change in the fight against fraud and corruption. 

7 October 2016 ADB joins panel discussions at the Conference of International Investigators

ADB on 5-7 October participated at the annual Conference of International Investigators, hosted by the International Anti-Corruption Academy and attended by 48 international financial institutions. ADB participated in the panel discussion on Combating Fraud and Corruption in Development Projects through Enforcement and Prevention.

23 September 2016 Nepal project officials learn due diligence skills

About 20 Nepal project officials attended ADB's Anticorruption Seminar on 22-23 September in Bhairahawa. The officials learned about ways to detect red flags and conduct due diligence during project implementation, and the benefits of doing so to avoid project implementation delays.

20 September 2016 ADB conducts anticorruption seminars in Kathmandu

Over 80 participants from the Government of Nepal, CSOs, and the private sector attended a series of anticorruption seminars on 18-20 September 2016. The seminars focused on raising awareness of ADB's Anticorruption Policy and enhancing participants' skills at detecting fraud and corruption during project implementation.

31 August 2016 Anticorruption seminars, integrity due diligence briefing held in Afghanistan

Civil society organizations, consultants, contractors, suppliers, and representatives from Afghanistan's government participated in anticorruption seminars on 29-31 August in Kabul. More than 70 participants were guided on ADB's Anticorruption Policy, as well as identifying and responding to fraud and corruption in projects in Afghanistan. An integrity due diligence briefing was held separately for ADB's Afghanistan Resident Mission staff.

23 August 2016 Respect in the workplace briefing held for Country Directors

ADB's Office of the Ombudspersion, Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI), and Budget, Personnel, and Management Systems Department facilitated a Respect in the Workplace session for Country Directors (CD) on 18 August in ADB headquarters. The session emphasized the significant role of CDs in fostering a respectful work environment free from harassment. The new Respectful Workplace Unit in OAI will promote staff awareness of the code of conduct and handle cases of misconduct, harassment, and bullying. 

16 August 2016 Project officials in Georgia participate in due diligence briefing

Representatives from the United Water Supply Company of Georgia and ADB's Georgia Resident Mission participated in the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity's (OAI) due diligence briefing on 16 August in Tbilisi. OAI conducted the briefing for project officials to enhance their understanding of the integrity risks associated with third parties and improve project oversight.