Anticorruption and Integrity

Underpinned by ADB's zero tolerance for corruption, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity aligns with ADB’s commitment to strengthen governance across Asia and the Pacific as it mitigates integrity risks, investigates integrity violations, and promotes integrity among ADB’s stakeholders.

Case Summaries

Date of Sanction Case Case Number Entity Type Period
10 April 2024

Sanction Violation

OAI’s investigation established that a firm had engaged in a violation of an ADB sanction when it attempted to participate in seven ADB-financed contracts while debarred.

On 10 April 2024, the firm accepted ADB’s proposed debarment of 3 years with an option for early reinstatement after completion of a minimum period of 2 years and fulfilment of conditions set by OAI. The debarment extends to the firm’s related entities and branches. As the firm violated its sanction, the debarment was posted on ADB’s public website.

21-0178-2404 Firm 4 years