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Anticorruption and Integrity

Underpinned by ADB's zero tolerance for corruption, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity aligns with ADB’s commitment to strengthen governance across Asia and the Pacific as it mitigates integrity risks, investigates integrity violations, and promotes integrity among ADB’s stakeholders.

Case Summaries

 Office of Anticorruption and Integrity case summaries 1998-2020

Date of Sanction Case Case Number Entity Type Period
29 January 2021

Fraudulent practices

A firm was temporarily suspended from participating in any ADB-financed activities for submitting falsified documentation in its bid for an ADB-financed contract.

OAI’s preliminary investigation obtained sufficient evidence to indicate that the firm submitted falsified documentation of its personnel’s work experience, and failed to disclose pending litigation and current work commitments/works in progress, which is contrary to the firm’s declaration in its bid documents that it had no pending litigation or work commitments.

20-0255-2101 Firm 180 days

* OAI - Office of Anticorruption and Integrity

* IOC - Integrity Oversight Committee

* EA - Executing Agency

* JV - Joint Venture

*TA - Technical Assistance