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Anticorruption and Integrity

Underpinned by ADB's zero tolerance for corruption, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity aligns with ADB’s commitment to strengthen governance across Asia and the Pacific as it mitigates integrity risks, investigates integrity violations, and promotes integrity among ADB’s stakeholders.

Proactive Integrity Review

A cornerstone of an effective anticorruption program is to actively identify and address risks of fraud and corruption.

As mandated by ADB’s Anticorruption Policy, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity conducts proactive integrity reviews (PIR, formerly known as project procurement-related reviews) to help prevent and detect integrity violations.

OAI carries out PIRs of ongoing sovereign operations to assess whether ADB financing is being used for its intended purposes. PIRs assess project integrity risks by identifying any red flags of integrity violations through:

  Capacity Assessment

Assessment of the executing/implementing agency’s capacity to implement the project including its internal controls.

  Asset Management

Inspection of project outputs and assessment of project implementation.


Review of projects from bid preparation to evaluation and contract awards.

  Financial Management

Assessment whether disbursements are based on the progress of contract implementation including invoicing, certification of works, and authorizations.

PIRs recommend measures to protect project resources. Follow-up reviews are also conducted to assess the implementation progress of the PIR recommendations, and to assist the executing/implementing agencies and ADB in implementing any remaining recommendations.

These checklists were developed to help project teams of executing and implementing agencies better manage and implement ADB projects. Contact OAI if you are interested in receiving training on how to use the checklists.

  Checklist 1: Executing agency self-assessment on capabilities and staffing adequacy 
[Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Tamil, Vietnamese]

This checklist will assist the executing agency, implementing agency, project management unit, and/or project implementation unit, as applicable, assess project management capabilities, including staffing adequacy.

  Checklist 2: Disbursements 
[Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Tamil, Vietnamese]

This checklist will establish whether

  • adequate documentation is available to support the expenditures
  • contract payments are accurate, and promptly paid in accordance with payment terms stipulated in the contract
  • transactions are genuine, authorized, and have been appropriately reviewed and approved; and
  • transactions are eligible for ADB financing.

  Checklist 3: International competitive bidding procurement 
[Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Tamil, Vietnamese]

This checklist will

  • establish whether procurement of goods and civil works under international competitive bidding (ICB) followed the salient requirements of ADB’s Procurement Guidelines, including ADB’s Evaluation Guide; and
  • ensure that measures are being taken to mitigate opportunities for fraud, corruption, and abuse of resources in ADB-financed and –administered/-supported projects.

  Checklist 4: Quality- and cost-based selection (QCBS) procurement
[Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Tamil, Vietnamese]

This checklist will

  • establish whether procurement of consulting services under quality- and cost-based selection method followed the salient requirements of ADB’s Guidelines on the Use of Consultants
  • ensure that measures are being taken to mitigate opportunities for fraud, corruption, and abuse of resources in ADB-financed and –administered/-supported projects.

  Checklist 5: Asset verification
[Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Tamil, Vietnamese]

This checklist will establish whether

  • actual status of works matches the reported percentage of completion
  • goods delivered physically exist and are adequately safeguarded; and
  • assets are in line with contract specifications.

Reports of Proactive Integrity Review (PIR)

Proactive Integrity Review (PIR), formerly known as Project Procurement-Related Review (PPRR), reports are intended to help executing agencies, implementing agencies, and ADB to identify and develop preventive measures to mitigate risks of fraud and corruption, improve project management, enhance project implementation, and replicate lessons learned for future projects.

Executing/implementing agencies are expected to develop an action plan to implement PIR recommendations, which will be monitored by the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity through follow-up reviews. 

Latest PIR reports

Country Title Loan/Grant Number Issuance Date
Azerbaijan Road Network Development Program - Projects 1 and 2: Project Procurement-Related Review LN2354, LN2355, LN2433 Dec 2014
Nepal Subregional Transport Enhancement Project: Project Procurement-Related Review LN2685, GR0225 Oct 2014
Nepal Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project LN2581, GR0181 May 2014
Mongolia Regional Road Development Project and Regional Road Development Project - Supplementary 2087, 2621, 0199 Oct 2013
Regional GMS Kunming-Hai Phong Transport Corridor - Noi Bai-Lao Cai Highway Project 2391, 2392 Oct 2012
Cambodia GMS: Cambodia Northwest Provincial Road Improvement Project: Spot Review Report 2539 Sep 2012
Kazakhstan CAREC Transport Corridor I (Zhambyl Oblast Section) [Western Europe-Western PRC International Transit Corridor 1] Investment Program - Project 1 2503 Jul 2011
China, People's Republic of Hunan Roads Development III Project: Project Procurement-Related Review Report 2219 Feb 2011
Papua New Guinea Community Water Transport Project L2079 Feb 2010
Armenia Rural Road Sector Project L2351, L2467 Dec 2009
China, People's Republic of Dali-Lijiang Railway Project L2116 Jan 2007
Philippines Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Project - Investment Component L1665 Nov 2006
Fiji Third Fiji Road Upgrading Sector Project LN1530 Aug 2006
Viet Nam Third Roads Improvement Project L1653 Jul 2006
Papua New Guinea Road Maintenance and Upgrading Sector Project L1709 Jan 2006
India Surat-Manor Tollway Project: Project Procurement-Related Review LN1747 Mar 2005
Sri Lanka Roads Network Improvement Project: Project Procurement-Related Review LN1649 Jul 2003


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  Proactive Integrity Review Process

* PIR reports conducted before 2007 are not published in full. For more information on these reports, contact OAI.