ADB and Civil Society

ADB cooperates with a broad range of civil society organizations (CSOs), including nongovernment organizations (NGOs), to strengthen its efforts to reduce poverty and increase the effectiveness, quality, and sustainability of its operations.

In the Spotlight

Highlights of ADB’s Cooperation with Civil Society Organizations 2022

Institutional Document

Highlights of ADB’s Cooperation with Civil Society Organizations 2022

This report provides a rundown of ADB’s work with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) during 2022 to help developing member countries (DMCs) recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and give stronger social protection and economic support to some of the region’s poorest.

Lessons from ADB and Civil Society Organization Engagement in South Asia


Working Together for Development Results: Lessons from ADB and Civil Society Organization Engagement in South Asia

This publication shows how ADB continues to explore new ways to deepen its relationship with civil society organizations (CSOs) and increase the impact of its development projects in South Asia.

Virtual Business Opportunities Seminar 2023 with Civil Society Organizations


Virtual Business Opportunities Seminar 2023 with Civil Society Organizations

A virtual Business Opportunities Seminar for Civil Society Organizations will be conducted by ADB on 23 February 2023.

Working with ADB - A Primer for Identifying Business Opportunities for NGOs

Business Guide

Working with ADB: A Primer for Identifying Business Opportunities for NGOs

ADB wants more civil society organizations involved in its projects. This primer gives an overview of how ADB and civil society work together, and tips on how NGOs can bid for ADB-financed contracts.

NGO and Civil Society Center

ADB's NGO and Civil Society Center (NGOC) - in close collaboration with an institution-wide CSO cooperation network - supports CSO participation in ADB operations. Sitting in ADB's Climate Change and Sustainable Development Department and launched in 2001, the NGOC:

  • Integrates CSO knowledge and experience into ADB operations
  • Stays current on CSO issues of concern and areas of work in Asia and the Pacific
  • Engages CSOs in continuing dialogue and manages ADB's overall communications with civil society
  • Identifies and develops strategic partnerships between ADB and CSOs
  • Improves ADB's institutional capacity to share knowledge and collaborate productively with CSOs
  • Provides resources, guidance, and training to ADB staff sovereign and non-sovereign clients

The CSO Cooperation Network

The CSO Cooperation Network comprises about 30 operational staff called CSO anchors. They are focal points for CSO engagement in each of the operational departments, civil society specialists in the resident missions and representative offices, and other ADB departments. The CSO Cooperation Network's goals are to:

  • monitor and review CSO-related needs in the operational divisions;
  • provide the inputs into the NGOC annual work program and prioritize the Center's activities;
  • ensure consistency and synergy in NGO cooperation initiatives across ADB;
  • and enable active exchange of knowledge and on good practices around the Network and throughout ADB.
ADB Youth for Asia

ADB Youth for Asia

Because youth and youth-led organizations are important members of civil society, ADB started the Youth Initiative—now called ADB Youth for Asia or YfA—in 2013, to support young people in contributing effectively to development. It is a program managed by ADB’s NGO and Civil Society Center to mainstream youth participation in ADB operations as it believes that empowered youth are a force for innovative and effective development. YfA aims to serve as the knowledge center for meaningful youth engagement in ADB.



By Country and Regional Offices

You may contact NGO and Civil Society focal points by selecting a country or regional office from the dropdown.

Zara Solakhyan (Ms)
Senior Finance and Administration Officer

Sabina Yusifova (Ms)
Senior Project Officer (HSD and Digital Development)

Gobinda Bar (Mr)
Senior Communications Officer

Nidup Tshering (Mr)
Senior Social Development Officer (Gender)

Kongkea Chhoeun (Mr)
Senior Programs Officer

Maybelline A. Bing (Ms)
Senior Country Officer

Tea Papuashvili (Ms)
Project Officer (Infrastructure)

Rajesh Kumar Deol (Mr)
Senior Communications Officer

Andri Suryo (Mr)
Senior Communications Officer

Naning Mardiniah (Ms)
Senior Safeguards Officer (Resettlement)

Aliya Ibadildina (Ms)
Communications Officer

Aliman Temirbek (Ms)
Communications Coordinator

Souphavanh Phonmany (Ms)
Communications Coordinator

Saranzaya Gerelt-Od (Ms)
Gender Officer

Sann Oo (Mr)
Communications Officer

Zaw M. Htet (Mr)
Programs Officer

Shuvechha Khadka (Ms)
Senior Social Development Officer (Gender)

Khurram Imtiaz (Mr)
Senior Portfolio Management Officer

Alfonsa Koshiba (Ms)
Senior Country Officer

Grace Korua (Ms)
Project Analyst

Ning Li (Mr)
Senior Environment Officer

Rosemarie Marquez (Ms)
Senior Communications Officer

Dalcy Tozaka (Ms)
Senior Country Officer

H. D. Sudarshana A. Jayasundara (Mr)
Senior Social Development Officer (Gender)

Tatiana Evstifeeva (Ms)
Communications Officer

Jay Roop (Mr)
Principal Country Specialist

Roykaew "Duckie" Nitithanprapas (Ms)
Senior Communications Officer

Elsty Davidz-Morato (Ms)
Senior Social Development Officer (Gender)

Jennet Hojanazarova (Ms)
Senior Economics Officer

Feruza Insavalieva (Ms)
Safeguards Officer

Nancy Wells (Ms)
Senior Country Officer

Nguyen Thanh Giang (Ms)
Senior Social Development Officer (Gender)

Olga B. Stephenson
Project Analyst

Katherine Passmore (Ms)
Senior Economics Officer (Nauru)

Beatrice Olsson (Ms)
Senior Country Coordination Officer

Balwyn Faotusia (Ms)
Senior Country Officer

Lavinia Tama (Ms)
Senior Country Officer (Cook Islands)

Teatao Tira (Mr)
Senior Country Officer (Kiribati)

Maria Melei (Ms)
Senior Country Officer (Samoa)

Letasi Iulai (Mr)
Senior Country Officer (Tuvalu)

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