Board Calendar

The ADB Board Calendar for the next three weeks is shown below, and reflects the schedule of formal Board discussions.

Please note that the calendar is subject to change and that the agenda for each meeting is finalized two days before the meeting. The calendar posted below contains the latest available information.

Date Board Meetings Summary Procedures/No-Objection Deadlines
20 Apr 21 (Tue) 2020 Annual Portfolio Performance Report [To be discussed by the Board together with the 2020 Development Effectiveness Review]   
  Proposed Grant - COVID-19 Vaccine Support Project under the Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility (Afghanistan)   
  2020 Development Effectiveness Review    
21 Apr 21 (Wed) Compliance Review Panel Report on Eligibility of the Compliance Review Request for Loan 3803: North–South Corridor (Kvesheti–Kobi) Road Project (Georgia)   
23 Apr 21 (Fri) Proposed Grants for Additional Financing - Systems Strengthening for Effective Coverage of New Vaccines in the Pacific Project under the Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility (Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu)   
  Proposed Programmatic Approach and Policy-Based Loans for Subprogram 1 - Recovery through Improved Systems and Expenditure Support Program (Palau)    
26 Apr 21 (Mon)   Proposed Amendment to ADB's Support to Enhance COVID-19 Vaccine Access