ADB Staff Association

The Staff Association aims to foster a sense of common purpose among members in promoting the aims and objectives of ADB and promote and safeguard the rights, interests and welfare of its members.


ADB Staff Association

All staff members of ADB become members of the Staff Association upon joining ADB.

The ADB Staff Council is the formal representative body of the Staff Association. It is composed of twelve staff members, elected by the Staff Association in accordance with the ADB Staff Association Constitution. The Staff Council has equal representation of the international and local staff categories and has representatives from the field offices. Staff Council members serve for a term of two years, commencing on 1 April of a given year, and are eligible for re-election, but cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms.


The objectives of the Staff Association are achieved by the Staff Council by:

  1. maintaining a channel of communication between staff members and the ADB Management;
  2. keeping members informed about developments affecting their interests;
  3. identifying and studying problems and difficulties of members, and recommending appropriate solutions;
  4. making studies of critical areas in management-staff relations, with a view to recommending solutions;
  5. formulating schemes or proposals to promote general staff welfare and presenting them to management;
  6. maintaining relations with staff associations in other international organizations, and;
  7. undertaking any other activity to further the objectives of the Staff Association.

Key Activities

The key activities of the Staff Council include the following:

  • It hosts an annual general meeting of the Staff Association, where it presents the annual report and financial statements of the Staff Association. This event provides the opportunity to highlight themes that are important for members along with key activities and achievements of the past year.
  • It holds regular meetings with the departments and offices which handle institutional policies and programs that affect staff rights, benefits, and welfare.
  • It engages with the ADB President and Vice Presidents to strengthen the relationship between the ADB Management and the Staff Association.
  • It is part of the Annual Conference of the Staff Associations of International Financial Institutions. This provides a venue for staff representatives to collaborate and strengthen their roles in advocating for staff interests and welfare. Staff representatives from nine organizations, including ADB, signed the 2019 Declaration of Conference of the Staff Associations of International Financial Institutions.

The Staff Council safeguards the rights and welfare of the members of the Staff Association, and works with ADB Management to review and enhance ADB’s policies on compensation and benefits, talent management, and measures for achieving improved work-life-balance. It also advocates for equal opportunities and promotes institutional policies on diversity and inclusion, while recognizing the significance of having a safe work environment.