Investor Relations

A leading triple-A borrower, ADB raises funds regularly through bond issues in international and domestic capital markets, reflecting strong credit fundamentals and conservative financial policies.

In the Spotlight

ADB as a Borrower

A leading triple-A borrower, ADB raises funds regularly through international capital markets.

ADB’s overriding borrowing objective is to ensure availability of funds at the most stable and lowest possible cost for the benefit of its OCR borrowers. Subject to this objective, ADB seeks to diversify its sources of funding across markets, instruments, and maturities, and has so far issued bonds in 49 currencies.

ADB pursues a strategy of:

  • issuing liquid benchmark bonds to maintain a strong presence in key currency bond markets; and
  • raising funds through bonds issued in both public and private placement format in various currency markets.

ADB also seeks to develop domestic capital markets in its developing member countries through local currency borrowings and derivative activities.

  • Photo: Asian Development Bank

    ADB Debt Products

    ADB's borrowing proceeds finance Ordinary Capital Resources operations, including development projects and programs within its developing members with the aim of reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific region.

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    Credit Fundamentals

    ADB's capital structure provides the greatest levels of security for fixed income investors, as a result of strong governance and conservative financial management, supported by a strong balance sheet, and backed by sovereign shareholders.

  • Image: ADB Green and Blue Bonds

    ADB Green and Blue Bonds

    Green bonds include investments that support climate change mitigation and adaptation. Blue bonds include investments that contribute to marine and coastal ecosystem management and restoration, pollution control for marine and coastal environments, and sustainable coastal and marine development.

  • ADB Theme Bonds

    ADB Theme Bonds

    ADB launched its first theme bond for sustainable development in 2010. The projects funded by theme bonds are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations on quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, and good health.


Fast Facts

  • 263 million*

    People living in extreme poverty or below $1.90/day
  • 400 million

    Asians lacking electricity
  • 1.5 billion

    Asians lacking basic sanitation
  • 300 million

    People with no access to safe drinking water

Source: Strategy 2030: Achieving a Prosperous, Inclusive, Resilient, and Sustainable Asia and the Pacific

*ADB estimates based on World Bank's PovcalNet database, as of March 2020