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The Safeguard Policy Statement describes common objectives of ADB's safeguards, lays out policy principles, and outlines the delivery process for ADB's safeguard policy.

The Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) builds upon the three previous safeguard policies on the environment, involuntary resettlement and indigenous peoples, and brings them into one single policy that enhances consistency and coherence, and more comprehensively addresses environmental and social impacts and risks.

The SPS aims to promote sustainability of project outcomes by protecting the environment and people from projects' potential adverse impacts by avoiding adverse impacts of projects on the environment and affected people, where possible; minimizing, mitigating, and/or compensating for adverse project impacts on the environment and affected people when avoidance is not possible; and helping borrowers/clients to strengthen their safeguard systems and develop the capacity to manage environmental and social risks.


  • 背景及前言
  • 环境变化
  • 当前的保障政策和经验
  • 主要的政策问题和观点
  • 《保障政策声明》
  • 实施安排和资源需求
  • 建议