fbpx 乌鲁木齐都市区综合枢纽主导型交通战略 : 项目数据表 | 亚洲开发银行

乌鲁木齐都市区综合枢纽主导型交通战略 : 项目数据表

Translated PDS | 2017年9月

ADB's Public Communications Policy 2011 requires the translation of the project data sheet (PDS) for all loan, grant, and project preparatory technical assistance projects with concept papers approved after 2 April 2012. PDSs are translated into relevant national language(s) at key project milestones to ensure that relevant project information is provided to affected people and other interested stakeholders.

This document dated September 2017 is provided for the ADB project 51028-001 in the People's Republic of China.